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Vestil Multi-Task Packaging Cart, Model# PKG-CART

Item# 856721
The Vestil Multi-Task Packaging Cart minimizes packaging time and costs by keeping wrapping and strapping components organized and readily available. Caster Size in. 4 x 1 1/4, Material Type Steel w/powder-coat, Caster Material Poly on poly caster, Max. Roll Diameter in. 11, Caster Type 2 Swivel, 2 Rigid, Storage Compartment qty. 4, Includes Tray for storage of tools, Max. Strapping Diameter in. 22. Cart has dispensing ability for one steel and one poly strapping roll Each strapping compartment includes a tensioner for controlled strap dispensing Compartment doors also serve as ramps to easily roll strapping up into cart 3 1/4in.W steel strapping compartment 6 1/4in.W poly strapping compartment Detachable pallet wand for use with poly strapping max. 5/8in. wide Simply attach strapping to the end of the wand, and then use wand to fish strapping through pallet to other side Maximum roll width 26in. 22in. maximum strapping diameter
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