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"Vestil Lo-Profile Drum Caddy - 1200-Lb. Capacity, Poly-On-Steel Wheels, Model# LO-DC-PU"

Item# 855832
"This Vestil lo-profile drum caddy reduces injuries caused by manually lifting and moving drums. Application Drum caddy, Capacity lbs. 1,200, Color Yellow, Drum Size gal. 5, 30, 55, Material Steel, Wheel Size in. 6 x 2, 3 x 1, Wheel Type Poly/steel wheels/swivel caster. 1200-lb. capacity 24in.W x 16in.D straddle Poly-on-steel wheels Lo-profile caddy with bung wrench handle Transports one 55- or 30-gallon drum or two 5-gallon pails Simply align unit in front of drum, remove handle, grip drum with handle, then tip drum up while guiding base under drum Rolls easily on two 6in. x 2in. rigid wheels and one 3in. x 1in. swivel caster Removable handle doubles as bung nut wrench and seal remover Cradle height is 1/2in. 23 1/2in. inside cradle dia. Steel construction Yellow painted finish"
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Questions & Answers for "Vestil Lo-Profile Drum Caddy - 1200-Lb. Capacity, Poly-On-Steel Wheels, Model# LO-DC-PU"

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