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What is the thickness of the material? Also, is the underside enclosed? If so, how much of the length is enclosed?
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Can the Econo Boom be used on my Kubota tractor fitted with forks?

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"Vestil Rug Ram/Carpet Pole - 108in.L x 2 3/4in. Dia., Fork Mount, Model# CRP-108"

Item# 855756
"Transport rolls of carpet with this sturdy Rug Ram/Carpet Pole. U.S.A. Diameter in. 2 3/4, Lock Type Safety chain lock, Load Capacity lbs. 2,500, Material Type Steel, Mount Type Fork mount, Finish Type Powder coated, Pole Length in. 108. Transport rolls of carpet and even steel pipe Includes 2 3/4in. diameter high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole with tapered tip Features 7 1/2in.W x 2 1/2in.H fork pockets on 24in. centers Inverted design Includes safety chain to secure unit to fork truck"
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Questions & Answers for "Vestil Rug Ram/Carpet Pole - 108in.L x 2 3/4in. Dia., Fork Mount, Model# CRP-108"

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