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"J & D Mfg. Cow Cremator - 9ft.L x 5'W, Diesel Methane Fuel, Model# CM609M"

Item# 517540
"This bio-secure cow cremator uses a patented burning process to reduce approximately 125 lbs. of cow carcass to less than 1 gallon of bio-secure ash. The patented pre-tempered refractory block not only insulates, but also acts as a burner by reflecting heat and distributing it evenly throughout the unit. When necessary, the removable end plate and liner allow one or two blocks to be easily replaced. This drastically reduces replacement costs. Includes an afterburner that reduces odor and particulate size, and an adjustable 12-hour control with heat control shutoff. U.S.A. Capacity 2,500 lbs., Material Type 3/8'-1/2' reinforced steel for extended life, Odor Relief Yes, pollution free, Volts 120V, 60 Hz, 20A, Fuel Type Diesel methane, Adjustable Yes, heat control, Control Thermostatically controlled, EPA/CARB Approval California Air Resource Board Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines, Includes Pretempered refractory block, Automatic Igniter Yes, Dimensions L x W x H in. 112 x 65 x 126, Full Load Run Time Hours 70-150 lbs per hour depending on the burn rate, Auto Shutdown Yes."
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Questions & Answers for "J & D Mfg. Cow Cremator - 9ft.L x 5'W, Diesel Methane Fuel, Model# CM609M"

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