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Advanced Seasonal Innovations Liquid Snow Shovel Spray - 2.5-Gallon, Model# LSS25

Item# 507176
Liquid Snow Shovel is an eco-friendly, clean, clear, odorless product that is biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-staining, pet-friendly and will not produce a white residue. Just spray it on to keep sidewalks, parking lots and roadways clear of hazardous snow and ice without harmful salt or back-breaking shoveling. Once applied, Liquid Snow Shovel's residual power stays effective for future snowfalls - shoveling or plowing can't break the bond. Liquid Snow Shovel is a great addition to your snow-removing arsenal, significantly reducing the amount you will need to use snowblowers, plows and shovel. U.S.A. Compares To 125lbs. rock salt, Coverage 1,000 Square feet per gal. for asphalt, Environmentally Friendly Yes, Application Spray on, Temperature Range F Effective to -25, Material Type Calcium chloride, Product Consistency Liquid, Compatible With Sidewalks, parking lots, roadways, Capacity 2 1/2 gal. 70 less corrosive than rock salt More cost-effective than granular products Allows you to set a fixed snow/ice removal budget for the winter based on coverage application Engineered to create continued melting residual effects which will aid in future snowfall Treat only once a week, any day of the week Application can last up to three snow events
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