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Johnson Level & Tool Dual Grade Laser Level, Model# 40-6580

Item# 436352
Dual Grade Laser Level can be used for construction jobs, including concrete projects, grading, fencing and decking. When beyond leveling range, the laser beam will flash, rotation of the beam will stop and an audible alarm will activate. Visual or Audible Indicator Both, Working Temperature 14F-113F, Vertical Leveling No, Indicator Type LCD display w/backlit illumination, Beam Type Dual, Dimensions L x W x H in. 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 11, Accuracy 1/16 in. at 100 ft., Laser Wavelength 635nm +/-10nm, Battery Life 10-15 hrs., Grade Capability Single-axis -7.999 to +7.999 Double-axis X + Y 12.00, Class Rating Class IIIa, Self Leveling Range 5&iexcl, Horizontal Leveling Yes, Battery Type D, Tripod Mount Dimensions in. 5/8in.-11 center screw thread, Laser Beam Color Red, Single, Pair, or Set Set, IP Protection Class IP 66, Laser Output Electronic beam shield to turn the laser beam off in one to three quadrants, when multiple lasers are being used Height of Instrument/Tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy Operates with remote control
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Questions & Answers for Johnson Level & Tool Dual Grade Laser Level, Model# 40-6580

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