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Looking for Answers about JET JLH Series Compact Lever Hoist -1/4-Ton Capacity, 5Ft. Lift Height, Model# JLH-25-5?

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Is the lift speed really 2.5 FPM.? It looks faster than that in the video.
can you provide direction on bolting to a concrete floor?
what is capacity of 6x6x1/4 inch h-beam 15 feet long

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JET JLH Series Compact Lever Hoist -1/4-Ton Capacity, 5Ft. Lift Height, Model# JLH-25-5

Item# 39522
The JET JLH Series Compact Lever Hoist with 5ft. lift height is built with safety, durability and innovation in mind, resulting in exceptional performance in the most demanding industrial environments. Super compact, lightweight design fits in the palm of your hand, yet can pull or hold a load more than 140 times its weight. Complies with OSHA regulations. Meets ANSI/ASME B30.21 and HST-3 standards. Lever Handle Length in. 5 3/4, Lift Chain Length in. 72, Lift Height ft. 5, Load Capacity tons 1/4, Required Head Room in. 7 9/10, Lift Chain Diameter in. 3 1/4 x 9. Durable aluminum alloy housing reduces weight for easy transport Weston-style dual pawl brake system increases safety by splitting the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation, which increases jobsite safety Incredible work-to-weight ratio allows the lever hoist to pull or hold a load more than 140 times its own weight Exclusive 5-gear drive train requires less force to lift or secure a load Corrosive-resistant Grade 100 load chain is stronger than average Grade 80 chains, extending the life of the hoist Heavy-duty cast steel safety latches secured with Allen screws and lock nutss for increased durability Heat-treated load plates for added durability and extended hoist life, even in harsh environments Compact design is ideal for use in confined areas and low headroom applications Includes a protective nylon carrying case for convenient transportation
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Questions & Answers for JET JLH Series Compact Lever Hoist -1/4-Ton Capacity, 5Ft. Lift Height, Model# JLH-25-5

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