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Questions with Most Recent Answers
what hp lawn tractor do i need to pull this lawn roller ??
What is the recommended size of lawn tractor to use for this roller
does roller have bearings on axel & grease fittings?
Does this have a lever to raise and lower the tires so you can cross paved areas?

Customer Questions & Answers for
"Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller - 690 Lbs., Model# PRT-36BH"

Item# 365357
"Polyethylene rollers won't rust or dent, and are easy to store, empty and fill. Useful for undoing damage caused by moles or frost heave and for packing new seed and sod. Oversize shipping charge applies. U.S.A. Working Width in. 36, Overall Width in. 36, Weight Capacity lbs. 690, Application Roller, Capacity gal. 76. Rounded end caps reduce damage to lawn during turns Easy hookup to garden tractors or riding lawn mowers Steel frame 76-gallon capacity 24in.dia. x 36in.W Assembly required"
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Questions & Answers for "Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller - 690 Lbs., Model# PRT-36BH"


can I purchase a handle so I can roll by hand

I don't want to tow it.. also interested same question on next smaller size around 450 to 500 lb when filled
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asked 3 years ago
on "Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller - 690 Lbs., Model# PRT-36BH"
2 answers
answer 1
Staff Answer
A handle for moving this lawn roller by hand is not available. Northern Tool does not carry handles for tow behind lawn rollers. Click the link below to view a lawn roller that can be pushed by hand.
answered 3 years ago
answer 2
We had to build our own handle. It was very simple. We used a wooden hammer handle and it fit inside the towing handle
answered 1 year, 7 months ago
 - Lubbock, TX

Pack it with sand?

Is it OK to pack this roller with wet sand? It would almost double the water-filled weight. The total weight would be about 1320 lbs. rather than the 680 lbs with water.
asked 1 year, 4 months ago
 - central Minnesota
on "Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller - 690 Lbs., Model# PRT-36BH"
2 answers
answer 1
Staff Answer
You can pack the roller with wet sand. It is recommended to rotate the roller at least twice a week to prevent developing a flat spot.
answered 9 months ago
answer 2
My roller is rated for 270 Lbs. (4.5 60 lb. bags) You can use sand but it must be dry play sand. It comes in 60 lb. bags. So your roller rated @ 680 lbs wold take 11 bags and a couple of quarts container of sand to get to the right weight. It works great and no worry about freezing temps.
answered 7 months ago
 - Califon, New Jersey

Does this have a scaper bar on the drum?

asked 11 months ago
on "Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller - 690 Lbs., Model# PRT-36BH"
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2 answers
answer 1
Yes all of the Brinly-Hardy Rollers include a scrapper bar.
Brinly-Hardy Company
answered 11 months ago
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answer 2
Staff Answer
This Brinly-Hardy Poly Lawn Roller does have a scraper bar on the drum.
answered 11 months ago
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