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Looking for Answers about Vestil Adjustable Steel Gantry Crane - 2,000-Lb. Capacity, 10 Ft. L I-Beam, Model# AHS-2-10-16?

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Recent Question:
Is it possible to get parts list for this chain hoist
Recent Question:
I want to install this in my ceiling to lift and hold my chandelier (247lbs). Will the hoist be able to hold the chandelier in the air?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
All pictures (and the manual) show lifting with the panel in a horizontal position. Will it lift the drywall vertically (8tall x 4wide)?
What is the footprint of this item (item 23310)?

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Vestil Adjustable Steel Gantry Crane - 2,000-Lb. Capacity, 10 Ft. L I-Beam, Model# AHS-2-10-16

Item# 31368
The Vestil Adjustable Height Steel Gantry Crane is an industrial strength crane designed for transporting and positioning materials along the length of the beam. Large bottom casters offer more flexibility than permanent cranes. U.S.A. I-Beam H x W 6 x 89, I-Beam Length ft. 10, Load Capacity lbs. 2,000, Crane L x W in. 118 x 89, I-Beam to Ground in. 126-192. Quick setup designed for semi-permanent applications Multiple-position adjustable height frame to match your lifting needs Heavy-duty solid steel construction provides years of service Large, locking swivel casters provide maneuverability and can be removed for permanent applications Painted blue finish adds durability Requires assistance from fork truck to setup Hoist and trolley pictured are sold separately Products should be inspected frequently to ensure safe operation Optional lever ratchet available for easy one-person height adjustment - contact a sales representative for additional information
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Questions & Answers for Vestil Adjustable Steel Gantry Crane - 2,000-Lb. Capacity, 10 Ft. L I-Beam, Model# AHS-2-10-16

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