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Possibly unsafe for some power tool chargers
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Does this unit actually have a solar charge controller built into the unit, or is a separate change controller needed?
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Is the fan continuous or when unit is loaded?
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What is the proper sequence for hook up?
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Can this inverter be used / work when connected to a truck battery with the engine / alternator running?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Can you use jumper cables to hook it up temporarily?
I see it has a a/c knockout plug, whats that for
are these units stackable,as in 220?
Possibly unsafe for some power tool chargers
How does it connect to your DC power?

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Wagan Pure Sine Wave Pro Power Inverter - 400 Watts, Model# 2601

Item# 30555
The Wagan Pure Sine Wave Pro Power Inverter converts 12V DC input into 120V AC Pure Sine Wave output that is identical to your home commercial electrical power in true sine wave form. The result is power that allows you to run electrical appliances cleaner, cooler, quieter and more efficiently. Power Supply 12V, True Sine Wave Yes, Low Battery Protection Yes, Surge Watts 800, AC Outlets qty. 2, Short Circuit Protection Yes, Continuous Watts 440, Soft Start Technology SST Yes. 400 Watts continuous/360 surge Watts Reduces electrical interference, making it perfect for the safe operation of audio, video, computer and other delicate electronic equipment Soft start technology is gentler on sensitive equipment Built-in overload, reverse polarity, short circuit and high temperature protection for added safety Thermal cooling fan maintains optimum operating temperatures Has two standard grounded outlets and one 5V 2.1A USB iPad compatible
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