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"Northern Industrial Welders Tweco-Style Welding Contact Tips - .030in., 11 Series, 5-Pack"

Item# 29698
"These Northern Industrial Welders Tweco-Style Welding Contact Tips keep you welding right. The wide selection of Tweco 11 Series contact tips and nozzles is specifically designed for use with Northern Industrial Welding units and other products that use Tweco 11 Series accessories. Product Type Tip, Weld Thickness in. 0.030, Product Style Contact, Size 0.030, Works With Select MIG/MIG stick welders. Designed to deliver stability and longer wear Protects the MIG gun adaptor threads from splatter and shorts For use with most Northern Industrial MIG and MIG/stick welders plus selected models from Lincoln Electric, Clark and Campbell Hausfeld that use Tweco Series 11 contact tips"
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Questions & Answers for "Northern Industrial Welders Tweco-Style Welding Contact Tips - .030in., 11 Series, 5-Pack"

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