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Does this unit have to be hooked up to a hose or do you more or less fill the tank with water and go?
Recent Question:
How would this work in a lower level that is already humid? I am assuming it would add to the dampness problem.

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"Port-A-Cool Hurricane Evaporative Cooler - 36in., 14,500 CFM, Model# PACHR3600"

Item# 29479
"With an incredible 14,500 CFM air delivery, the Port-A-Cool Hurricane comes with the highest concentrated airflow of any of the 36in. evaporative coolers. The unique concentrated 'tunnel' pattern airflow reaches further for maximum coverage at double the run time. This unit lowers the temperature in areas up to 3500 sq. feet by up to 30F. New digital control panel with timer allows you to set your own run in increments of two hours, up to 8 hours. A protected water pump with low water shutoff lets you know when unit needs to be refilled. One-piece roto-molded polyethylene housing will not crack, leak and is rugged enough for warehouse or industrial workplace. A digital temperature sensor shows you the surrounding air temperature. Dual water fill option with tank fill for portability or garden hose hookup for continuous run. Amps 14.5, Garden Hose Attachment Yes, Cooling Capacity sq. ft. 3,500, Air Delivery CFM 14,500, Water Reservoir gal. 67, Dimensions W x D x H in. 67 1/2 x 35 5/16 x 74 5/16, Cooling Temperature deg. 30, Speeds qty. Variable. Cools up to 3500 sq. ft. 67-gallon water reservoir with up to 8 hours runtime Lowers temperature by up to 30F Digital control panel with timer, low water shutoff and temperature sensor One-piece roto-molded polyethylene housing will not crack, rust or leak Dual water fill option tank or garden hose hookup Overall 67.5in.W x 35.3in.D x 74.3in.H"
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Questions & Answers for "Port-A-Cool Hurricane Evaporative Cooler - 36in., 14,500 CFM, Model# PACHR3600"

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