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Possibly unsafe for some power tool chargers
Recent Question:
Does this unit actually have a solar charge controller built into the unit, or is a separate change controller needed?
Recent Question:
Is the fan continuous or when unit is loaded?
Recent Question:
What is the proper sequence for hook up?
Recent Question:
Can this inverter be used / work when connected to a truck battery with the engine / alternator running?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Can you use jumper cables to hook it up temporarily?
I see it has a a/c knockout plug, whats that for
are these units stackable,as in 220?
Possibly unsafe for some power tool chargers
How does it connect to your DC power?

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"NPower Power Cable with Clips - 12 Volt, 18 Ga. x 36 in. L"

Item# 28738
"The NPower Power Cable with Clips is the easy way to increase your powerpack, jumpstarter or other 12V appliance capacity simply by connecting another battery. Just plug in the 12V DC plug on one end, connect the nickel plated alligator clips on the other end and you're ready to go. Accessory Type Cable clips, Cable Sets Included 1, Cable Length ft. 3, Cable Gauge 18AWG. 18-ga. cable is 36 in. L to extend your reach Durable nickel plated alligator clips for rust-resistant performance"
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Questions & Answers for "NPower Power Cable with Clips - 12 Volt, 18 Ga. x 36 in. L"

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