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Does a new battery need to be charged first before using the battery maintainer?
Does it have a way to indicate the battery is bad and must be replaced?
Can this charger be used on a motorcycle battery? Can it be used as a trickle charger?
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"Float Charger Battery Maintainer - 12.5 Volt, 1.2 Amp Charge Rate"

Item# 27725
"The Float Charger Battery Maintainer helps you maintain your 12V battery at a safe, constant voltage for maximum battery life. ETL US approved. Maintains Yes, Overcharge Protection Yes, Amps 1.2, Polarity Reversal Protection Yes, Power Cord ft. 2, Charges Multiple Batteries qty. 1, Works With 12V battery, Charges Yes. Bulk mode ensures that current continues until the battery is fully charged Float mode trickle charge maintains a fully charged battery at a safe, constant voltage Built-in overcharge protection prevents battery damage 5-ft.L, 18 AWG cables with 2-ft. extensions containing your choice of battery terminal rings or nickel-plated clamps 12.5V with 1.2 Amp charge rate"
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Questions & Answers for "Float Charger Battery Maintainer - 12.5 Volt, 1.2 Amp Charge Rate"


Do they make this in a 6 volt model?

asked 10 months ago
on "Float Charger Battery Maintainer - 12.5 Volt, 1.2 Amp Charge Rate"
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1 answer
answer 1
Wel-Bilt Expert
The Wel-Bilt Battery Maintainer is not available in a 6 volt model.
answered 10 months ago
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