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"110-Lb. Capacity Linear Actuator - 1.97in. Stroke, Model# LD-ACME"

Item# 27320
"LD-ACME model linear actuator features an all-metal housing and is water-resistant and sealed against dust for rugged durability. 12V motor has 201 reduction gearbox that gives actuator a dynamic load rating of 110 lbs. and is rated to hold up to 500 lbs. when not moving. Use to raise and lower power equipment attachments, auto hoods and trunks, position solar panels, television lifts and many other applications around the home and farm. Unit can be controlled with a double pole, double throw switch or with the built-in position sensor and optional linear actuator programmable controller. Frame Material Aluminum, stainless steel, Gear Ratio 201, Stroke Length in. 2, Overall Dimensions L x W x H in. 8 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 3, Dynamic Load Capacity lbs. 110, Static Load Capacity lbs. 500, Length Retracted in. 7 11/16, Power Volts 12, Application Actuator. 2in. nominal/1.97in. actualstroke 12V motor 201 reduction gearbox 110-lb. dynamic load rating 500-lb. static load rating Extension speed is 0.39in./sec. at max. load Extension speed is 0.59in./sec. at no load 25 duty cycle 3.4 Amps at full load 0.6 Amps at no load IP65 enclosure Nonadjustable end stop limit switches simplify installation and wiring ACME drive for smooth, quiet operation 1/4in. mounting pin holes 7.68in. retracted length 0.787in. shaft diameter 8 1/4in.L x 1 1/2in.W x 3in.H overall Can be controlled with a double pole, double throw switch Can be controlled with built-in position sensor and optional linear actuator programmable controller"
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Questions & Answers for "110-Lb. Capacity Linear Actuator - 1.97in. Stroke, Model# LD-ACME"

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