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"Braber Equipment 3-Point Lift Arm - Category 1, Model# 486E"

Item# 27288
"This Braber Equipment Lift Arm is built to meet or exceed industry standards. Width in. 2 5/8, Hole Diameter in. 7/8, Lift Arm Spacing in. 32, Thickness in. 1 9/16, Color Black, Holes qty. 3, Overall Length in. 34 1/2, Pull or Draw Pin Diameter in. 7/8, Hitch Type 3-pt., Category Type 1. Black powder-coated finish for high resistance against weathering 32in. center to center 7/8in. hole size"
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Questions & Answers for "Braber Equipment 3-Point Lift Arm - Category 1, Model# 486E"


Does this file on a NT-254 ?

The Braber Equipment 3-Point Lift Arm - Category 1, Model# 486E
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asked 1 year, 10 months ago
 - Raleigh
on "Braber Equipment 3-Point Lift Arm - Category 1, Model# 486E"
1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
According to the manufacturer, this should fit the NT-254 but not exactly. To purchase the correct lift arm for the NT-254, please contact NorTrac at 952-808-6697.
answered 1 year, 9 months ago
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