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"Swann Communications Digital Wireless Security Camera, Model# SW322-YDX"

Item# 25517
"Swann Communications offers this state-of-the-art, easy to use digital wireless add-on camera for the ADW-200 Digital Wireless Security Kit Item# 20774. Camera qty. 1, Product Style Stationary, Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor/outdoor, Color Color during day / switches to B&W at night, View ft. 26, Viewing Angle deg. 53, Night Vision Yes, Resolution 380 TV lines, Power Source 9V, Operating Temp F 14F-122F, Product Type Camera, Audio Range 9 ft. Mount the camera in the area you want to monitor day or night and connect to power Ensure the digital receiver of the ADW-200 is properly connected to your TV using the RCA cable and then to power Set the extra camera to a second channel on your receiver and the camera and receiver will find each other or 'pair up' to create a secure and private, encrypted point-to-point wireless signal Advanced digital wireless technology means you get clearer video picture and better sound Digital transmission means zero interference and static from other wireless devices such as Bluetooth, web routers, microwave ovens and cordless phones Includes built-in microphone with 9-ft. range"
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