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What is the max wire and cable capacity of this item?
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whats the largest diameter this will cut?
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Where is this product made?
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What is the max wire and cable capacity of this item?
whats the largest diameter this will cut?
Is this item suitable for cutting rope and nylon webbing?

Customer Questions & Answers for
Bullet Tools Magnum Shear - 30in., Model# 930 RCT30

Item# 253288
Bullet Tools' 30in. RTC Magnum Shear gives you the versatility to cut design tile, carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile, rubber, cork and most other vinyl/PVC-based products. The RCT30 is built specifically to handle 20in./50cm squares at a diagonal. A solid steel blade produces a factory edge on most types of soft flooring products. The combination of a super-sharp replaceable blade and revolutionary leverage design gives you lots of power for clean, even cuts. The RCT Magnum Shear features a unique Precision Square Technology Fence that can be easily squared or slightly off-squared to the blade to make the accurate cuts you need in every situation. Some assembly required. U.S.A. Blade Size in. 30. Cuts up to 30in./76cm wide and up to 3/4in./18mm deep 45 angle cut on 19.7in. wide product Locking angle guide for 45 cuts Easy-to-use safety lock Fixed fence for straight cuts Wall Gauge System automatically measures the length of your cut when the machine is set at the edge of your last tile Innovative Angle Guide with a Precision Ruler for exact measurement on both 90 and 45 angle cuts Shaped to allow your hand to access the material easily without dragging knuckles
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Questions & Answers for Bullet Tools Magnum Shear - 30in., Model# 930 RCT30

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