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Customer Questions & Answers for
Master Magnetics Neodymium Disc Magnets - 6-Pc. Set, Model# 07046

Item# 2507046
6-pc. neodymium magnet disc set. Each measures 7/16 in. dia. x 1/8 in. thick. Also known as rare earth magnets, these neodymium magnets are the strongest magnet material available. Great for projects that require extreme strength in a small size such as holding knife blades while not in use, holding metal in place while welding, drilling or machining, or impressing your friends with magic tricks. Warning Powerful attraction force can pinch fingers and chip magnets. Carefully slide magnets apart and together. Diameter in. 7/16, Product Style Holding magnet, Thickness in. 1/8, Material Neodymium.
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Questions & Answers for Master Magnetics Neodymium Disc Magnets - 6-Pc. Set, Model# 07046



These are strong magnets.....Is there any special way they should be stored ? Do they lose strength if stored stuck together or if near or in contact with a steel tool cabinet? thank you, John
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asked 1 day ago
 - Boston
on Master Magnetics Neodymium Disc Magnets - 6-Pc. Set, Model# 07046
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Staff Answer
The Maste Magnetris Disc Magnets will not lose there strength when stuck together and do not require any special way to be stored. They will stick to a steel cabinet if stored in the cabinet, but otherwise will not be bothered by a steel cabinet. The only way they will lose there strength is by heating them. Also, do not snap them together very hard as they are brittle and could snap.
answered 1 day ago
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