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Customer Questions & Answers for
"West Galvanized Steel Storage Container - 80 Cu. Ft., Model# Skid78"

Item# 24761
"Do you need additional space to store excess inventory or to keep valuable equipment or supplies secure Are you in the construction industry, or are you a tradesperson who needs a secure lockup at your worksite Are you a property manager who needs additional storage space for your tenants This sturdy, secure container offers 80 cu. ft. of storage for your valuable items and equipment. Constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel for a weathertight, durable, rodent-proof, long-lasting storage container. Some assembly required. It is sized to fit on a standard 40in. x 48in. pallet. Can be moved by forklift or standard pallet jack, even when fully loaded. Style Modular, Frame Thickness in. 18 ga., Frame Material Galvanized steel, Door Type Swing door 33 in. x 72 in., Outer Material Galvanized steel, Center Height ft., in. 6, 6, Color Galvanized steel, Dimensions L x W ft. 4 x 3.3, Storage Volume cu. ft. 80. 4ft.L x 3.3ft.W x 6.5ft.H Some assembly required Fits on standard pallet Can also be used on any flat surface Integrated concealed mounting brackets allow you to securely anchor container to virtually any surface Comes standard with high-security door bar lock and lever mechanism that accepts any standard lock Heavy-duty hinges and tamperproof hardware for additional security Lock not included"
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Questions & Answers for "West Galvanized Steel Storage Container - 80 Cu. Ft., Model# Skid78"

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