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Will auger off model 8900 fit on new E 43 model??
Does a standard 4" earth auger come with the E43 powerhead?
Can a jiffy 8" ice auger be used with this powerhead
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"Easy Auger Earth Auger Bit - 10in. Dia. x 42in.L, Model# 850-1420"

Item# 23430
"These industrial-duty auger bits are made with an all-steel shaft with flighting construction and cast boring head, pilot bit and cutting teeth. U.S.A. Auger Bit Diameter in. 10, Auger Diameter Capability in. 10, Product Type Earth auger bit, Digging Depth in. 42, Auger Bit Length in. 42. 7/8in. square drive Replacement pilot bit and cutting teeth available"
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Questions & Answers for "Easy Auger Earth Auger Bit - 10in. Dia. x 42in.L, Model# 850-1420"

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