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Why does this vise not come with the table bracket like the other one
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What size are the bolt holes? What size hardware are they made to accept?
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Does the jaw facing have a horizontal & vertical groove or are they just a flat surface?
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Why does this vise not come with the table bracket like the other one
What size are the bolt holes? What size hardware are they made to accept?
What is the physical (footprint) size, W x L x H ?

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"Wilton Junior 343 Pow-R-Arm, Model# 343"

Item# 23096
"This Wilton Pow-R-Arm features the full swiveling, 360 dead-lock work positioning. It puts the workpiece where you want it and holds it tight for handsfree production. U.S.A. Clamp Type 360 swiveling workpiece positioning, Pieces qty. 1. Fast on-off action with horizontal-moving locking handle Body is cast aluminum with steel parts 3in. diameter mounting pad with two 1/4-20 holes 180 apart 4 slotted equally spaced 9/32in. diameter mounting holes Available in a wide range of models for every job size, Pow-R-Arms are perfect for any application at a permanent workstation, assembly line or workbench Reposition the workpiece quickly and accurately with the flexibility of Pow-R-Arms wrist action, eliminating time-consuming clamping and unclamping Pow-R-Arms increase productivity by bringing the work to the worker, which helps reduce fatigue, back injury and other health problems"
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Questions & Answers for "Wilton Junior 343 Pow-R-Arm, Model# 343"


Wilton Junior 343 for wood carving??

Is the wilton junior 343 good for carving with a mallet or is better to go with the wilton 301??
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asked 4 years, 2 months ago
on "Wilton Junior 343 Pow-R-Arm, Model# 343"
1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
Both of the Pow-R-Arms will work well in a woodworking application. The Wilton 301 model is designed for commercial assembly line uses. For uses at home, the Junior 343 would likely be suitable. If you are dealing with larger materials, you may want to consider the Wilton 301 model.
answered 4 years, 2 months ago
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