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"LiquiDynamics DEF IBC Tote System - Air, Manual Shutoff Nozzle, Model# 970012-06M"

Item# 21993
"This LiquiDynamics Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Tote System with a manual nozzle provides a convenient and secure way to transfer DEF when using compressed air. High-quality system is designed to function as a closed system when used with an appropriate coupler sold separately. U.S.A. Inlet Port in. 3/4, Dimensions L x W x H in. 9 x 12 x 15, Flow GPM 14, Hose in. x ft. 3/4 x 4 suction, 3/4 x 12 discharge. Closed-design and self-priming pump minimize possible contamination or dilution of DEF fluid Convenient hanger and dry break fluid connection allows system to be quickly and easily moved from one tote to the next Electronic meter provides a digital readout of the amount dispensed Meter has a re-settable batch total, a re-settable cumulative total and a non re-settable cumulative total Polypropylene manual nozzle shuts off flow manually Includes a self-priming 14 GPM air operated double diaphragm pump, 3/4in. x 4-ft. suction hose, 3/4in. x 12in. discharge hose, electronic digital turbine meter, polypropylene manual shutoff nozzle and convenient pump hanger plate with nozzle holder and drip cup For 275 or 330-gallon totes Requires mated closed system coupler to match suction valve"
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Questions & Answers for "LiquiDynamics DEF IBC Tote System - Air, Manual Shutoff Nozzle, Model# 970012-06M"

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