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"A & I Products Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 38in.L x 3/8in.W, Model# 3L380K"

Item# 21608
"A & I Products Kevlar V-belts with Kevlar Cord are durable and long lasting compared to V-belts made with polyester cords. Designed to withstand heat, oil and back idler pulleys associated with outdoor power equipment. 38in.L x 3/8in.W. Material Type Kevlar w/kevlar cord, Belts qty. 1, Product Style V-belt, Belt Size in. x in. 38 x 3/8, Part Type Belts, Compatible With Outdoor power equipment. V-Belt Replacement Belt for ASP2424B FLO-MOW L338 DAYCO MXV3380 JASON V3L0380 VAPORMATIC W00638 GOODALL W00688 GOODALL XHD3380 MAGAM XHD380 MAGAM 122146 MONTGOMERY WARDS 122146 SIMPLICITY 1233 LAZY BOY 127443 ROTARY 13118 KANSAS CITY 152160 FALLS 152160 GAMBLE SKOGMO 1705142 SIMPLICITY 170829 BOLENS 2026066 ALLIS CHALMERS 2026066 DEUTZ ALLIS 208526 BURNS 208526 MONTGOMERY WARDS 208526 WESTERN AUTO 22611 MTD/CUB CADET 22611 MURRAY 238-038 STENS 238038 STENS 3H380 THERMOID 308380 HAHN-ECLIPSE 309082 JACOBSEN 37X25 MURRAY 38X380 PIRELLI 38X380 TISCO 5006471 ACE HARDWARE 5006471 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 66-338 SILVER STREAK 670755 FOLEY 6996A PARKER 7-0551 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 70551 TORO / WHEEL HORSE A-7443 ROTARY 75-338 OREGON 75338 SILVER STREAK 754-0139 MTD/CUB CADET 754-0257 MTD/CUB CADET 754-139 WESTERN AUTO 754-257 MONTGOMERY WARDS 7540139 MTD/CUB CADET 754139 WESTERN AUTO 754257 MONTGOMERY WARDS 75761 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 83380 GOODYEAR A-9082 JACOBSEN 9540139 MTD/CUB CADET"
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Questions & Answers for "A & I Products Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 38in.L x 3/8in.W, Model# 3L380K"

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