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Looking for Answers about PIX Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 29in.L x 1/2in.W, Model# A27K/4L290K?

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Recent Question:
what is the major difference between this unit and the 3 reel version for almost the same price. Is the quality less on the 7 reel model.
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what is the major difference between this unit and the 3 reel version for almost the same price. Is the quality less on the 7 reel model.
soes this unit fold up to hang on the wall T-53500
will t-5350 lift the front of my Lx425 42 inch tractor

Customer Questions & Answers for
PIX Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 29in.L x 1/2in.W, Model# A27K/4L290K

Item# 19587
Kevlar V-belts with Kevlar Cord are durable and long lasting compared to V-belts made with polyester cords. Designed to withstand heat, oil and back idler pulleys associated with outdoor power equipment. Compatible With Outdoor power equipment, Belt Size in. x in. 29 x 1/2, Material Type Kevlar w/kevlar cord, Belts qty. 1, Part Type Belts, Product Style V-belt. V-Belt Replacement Belt for B237453 BOLENS ET127 MONO GVB417 KANSAS CITY H843 GILSON J2290 CHOREMASTER L429 DAYCO L5835 LAMBERT MXV4290 JASON P54-239 WESTERN AUTO P54239 MTD/CUB CADET P54239 WESTERN AUTO R192 FATE-ROOT-HEATH R240 GAMBLE SKOGMO R240 RUGG T716 WAGNER V4L0290 VAPORMATIC XDV 48-290 DURK.-ATW XHD4290 MAGAM 1R0665 HUFFMAN 10034 SNAPPER A-10063 SNAPPER 10111 MONTGOMERY WARDS 1016174 LAWNMASTER 10171 GAMBLE SKOGMO 10171 MTD/CUB CADET 10171 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 10171 WESTERN AUTO 1023436M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 1023608M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 1032290 LAWNMASTER 1032290 MOTO-MOWER CO 10562 MIDDLESWORTH 107-4 ATLAS 1074 ATLAS 1108462 BOLENS 1108642 BOLENS 113033 SNAPPER 11575 LAMBERT 1201 LAZY BOY 125062 ROTARY 127472 ROTARY 1310R SEARS / ROPER / AYP 13267 JACOBSEN 13881 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 14843 ALLIS CHALMERS 14843 GILSON 14843 SIMPLICITY 14843 WESTERN AUTO 151360 BANTAM 151360 FALLS 15242P1 ARIENS / GRAVELY 1567 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 1569 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 157683 SIMPLICITY 158389 SIMPLICITY 1616174 MONTGOMERY WARDS 165130 MONTGOMERY WARDS 1713067 BOLENS 175361 SIMPLICITY 2027709 SIMPLICITY 2029451 ALLIS CHALMERS 2029451 SIMPLICITY 20368 HOMKO 20368 NOMA/AMF/DYNAMARK 205029 SNAPPER 205429 SNAPPER 205429 YAZOO / KEES 20843A RUGG 20843A TUFF-BILT 21170 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 213076 EXMARK 2290 MONTGOMERY WARDS 237453 GILSON 248-029 STENS 248029 STENS 271-40 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 27140 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 274630 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 31X24 ARIENS / GRAVELY 3111 HENDERSON 313267 JACOBSEN 314546 JACOBSEN 314564 JACOBSEN 332051 FORD 332051 JACOBSEN 34X24 ARIENS / GRAVELY 34X27 ARIENS / GRAVELY 344947 JACOBSEN 382069304 FORD 4H290 THERMOID 4H2900 THERMOID 4L290K PIX 4026 LAZY BOY 410267 LAMBERT 43124 NOMA/AMF/DYNAMARK 44710 MIDLAND 44720 MIDLAND 47117 SNAPPER 47200 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 48X290 PIRELLI 48X290 TISCO 509548 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 512M ROOF A-520320 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 537356M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 53987 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 560590002 ROOF 6088 LOCKE 6109B MTD/CUB CADET 617 POWER TRIM 66-429 SILVER STREAK 6829 GATES 6829 TRAIL MATE 68355A PARKER 7-3887 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 72024 ARIENS / GRAVELY 7206 GAMBLE SKOGMO 73887 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 7472 ROTARY 75-429 OREGON 754-0239 MTD/CUB CADET 754-0265 MTD/CUB CADET 754-0287 MTD/CUB CADET 754-239 WESTERN AUTO 754-264 MONTGOMERY WARDS 7540239 MTD/CUB CADET 7540265 MTD/CUB CADET 7540287 MTD/CUB CADET 754239 WESTERN AUTO 754265 MONTGOMERY WARDS 75429 SILVER STREAK 7671B DILLE & MCGUIRE 77094 SNAPPER 8011 SAVAGE 8011 WORCHESTER 81-094 STEINER 81EA332 MONTGOMERY WARDS 8271B MTD/CUB CADET 84290 GOODYEAR A-85004 TRAC VAC 8671B BLUE GRASS 8671B HANNIBAL MOWER 8671B WESTERN AUTO 9304 ALLIS CHALMERS 9304 BOLENS 9304 BURNS 9304 CANADA 9304 CO-OP 9304 FORD
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Questions & Answers for PIX Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 29in.L x 1/2in.W, Model# A27K/4L290K

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