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Looking for Answers about PIX Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 29in.L x 1/2in.W, Model# A27K/4L290K?

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Does this mower have a traction lock device on it? meaning one wheel pulls or both wheels pull depending on the terrain.
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Does the motor on the Troy Built RER mower have presurized lubication and spin on oil filter?
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is this foot pedal hydro stat like the picture shows or is it lever controled like the decription says?
Does the motor on the Troy Built RER mower have presurized lubication and spin on oil filter?

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PIX Blue Kevlar V-Belt with Kevlar Cord - 29in.L x 1/2in.W, Model# A27K/4L290K

Item# 19587
Kevlar V-belts with Kevlar Cord are durable and long lasting compared to V-belts made with polyester cords. Designed to withstand heat, oil and back idler pulleys associated with outdoor power equipment. Belts qty. 1, Part Type Belts, Product Style V-belt, Belt Size in. x in. 29 x 1/2, Compatible With Outdoor power equipment, Material Type Kevlar w/kevlar cord. V-Belt Replacement Belt for B237453 BOLENS ET127 MONO GVB417 KANSAS CITY H843 GILSON J2290 CHOREMASTER L429 DAYCO L5835 LAMBERT MXV4290 JASON P54-239 WESTERN AUTO P54239 MTD/CUB CADET P54239 WESTERN AUTO R192 FATE-ROOT-HEATH R240 GAMBLE SKOGMO R240 RUGG T716 WAGNER V4L0290 VAPORMATIC XDV 48-290 DURK.-ATW XHD4290 MAGAM 1R0665 HUFFMAN 10034 SNAPPER A-10063 SNAPPER 10111 MONTGOMERY WARDS 1016174 LAWNMASTER 10171 GAMBLE SKOGMO 10171 MTD/CUB CADET 10171 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 10171 WESTERN AUTO 1023436M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 1023608M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 1032290 LAWNMASTER 1032290 MOTO-MOWER CO 10562 MIDDLESWORTH 107-4 ATLAS 1074 ATLAS 1108462 BOLENS 1108642 BOLENS 113033 SNAPPER 11575 LAMBERT 1201 LAZY BOY 125062 ROTARY 127472 ROTARY 1310R SEARS / ROPER / AYP 13267 JACOBSEN 13881 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 14843 ALLIS CHALMERS 14843 GILSON 14843 SIMPLICITY 14843 WESTERN AUTO 151360 BANTAM 151360 FALLS 15242P1 ARIENS / GRAVELY 1567 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 1569 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 157683 SIMPLICITY 158389 SIMPLICITY 1616174 MONTGOMERY WARDS 165130 MONTGOMERY WARDS 1713067 BOLENS 175361 SIMPLICITY 2027709 SIMPLICITY 2029451 ALLIS CHALMERS 2029451 SIMPLICITY 20368 HOMKO 20368 NOMA/AMF/DYNAMARK 205029 SNAPPER 205429 SNAPPER 205429 YAZOO / KEES 20843A RUGG 20843A TUFF-BILT 21170 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 213076 EXMARK 2290 MONTGOMERY WARDS 237453 GILSON 248-029 STENS 248029 STENS 271-40 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 27140 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 274630 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 31X24 ARIENS / GRAVELY 3111 HENDERSON 313267 JACOBSEN 314546 JACOBSEN 314564 JACOBSEN 332051 FORD 332051 JACOBSEN 34X24 ARIENS / GRAVELY 34X27 ARIENS / GRAVELY 344947 JACOBSEN 382069304 FORD 4H290 THERMOID 4H2900 THERMOID 4L290K PIX 4026 LAZY BOY 410267 LAMBERT 43124 NOMA/AMF/DYNAMARK 44710 MIDLAND 44720 MIDLAND 47117 SNAPPER 47200 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 48X290 PIRELLI 48X290 TISCO 509548 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 512M ROOF A-520320 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 537356M1 MASSEY FERGUSON 53987 SEARS / ROPER / AYP 560590002 ROOF 6088 LOCKE 6109B MTD/CUB CADET 617 POWER TRIM 66-429 SILVER STREAK 6829 GATES 6829 TRAIL MATE 68355A PARKER 7-3887 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 72024 ARIENS / GRAVELY 7206 GAMBLE SKOGMO 73887 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 7472 ROTARY 75-429 OREGON 754-0239 MTD/CUB CADET 754-0265 MTD/CUB CADET 754-0287 MTD/CUB CADET 754-239 WESTERN AUTO 754-264 MONTGOMERY WARDS 7540239 MTD/CUB CADET 7540265 MTD/CUB CADET 7540287 MTD/CUB CADET 754239 WESTERN AUTO 754265 MONTGOMERY WARDS 75429 SILVER STREAK 7671B DILLE & MCGUIRE 77094 SNAPPER 8011 SAVAGE 8011 WORCHESTER 81-094 STEINER 81EA332 MONTGOMERY WARDS 8271B MTD/CUB CADET 84290 GOODYEAR A-85004 TRAC VAC 8671B BLUE GRASS 8671B HANNIBAL MOWER 8671B WESTERN AUTO 9304 ALLIS CHALMERS 9304 BOLENS 9304 BURNS 9304 CANADA 9304 CO-OP 9304 FORD
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