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Where can I find a regualr (non-nozzle) cap for this gas can?
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Is there a way to lock the button once ready to pour the entire can? Or do you have to hold the button?
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What is diameter of can fill opening?
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This product is certified in their exact volume?
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Will this work with the 5gal. No-Spill brand of gas cans?
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Is the spout long enough to fit into an automobile gas tank? It looks good for a mower tank, but I need it for my car, as well.
This product is certified in their exact volume?

Customer Questions & Answers for
"Justrite Sure-Grip Ex Safety Cabinet- 30-Gallon, Self-Closing Door, Model# 893020"

Item# 179146
"The Justrite Sure-Grip Ex Safety Cabinet offers safe, dependable flammable liquid storage and protection that protects workers, reduces fire risks and improves productivity. Designed to meet OSHA and NFPA standards, cabinet is sturdily constructed of all-welded 18-gauge double-walled steel with 1.5in. of insulating air space for fire resistance. Fully compliant to OSHA and NFPA and is FM approved. This self-close model also meets the Uniform Fire Code cabinet shuts and latches automatically when fusible link melts at 165F 74C under fire conditions. U.S.A. Tank Size gal. 30, Application Fuel can storage, Color Yellow, Dimensions L x W x H in. 43 x 18 x 44, Material Steel. Haz-Alert reflective labeling provides high visibility in dark under fire conditions U-Loc handles for extra security when used with padlock SpillSlope safety shelves direct spills to back and bottom of 2in. sump Fail-safe, 3-point self-latching system provides easy, positive door closure Three durable stainless steel bullet latches offer optimum longevity with increased heat resistance"
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Questions & Answers for "Justrite Sure-Grip Ex Safety Cabinet- 30-Gallon, Self-Closing Door, Model# 893020"

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