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What is weight limit of each bin?
What are the dimensions of the wall mount rack?
Are the bins also metal. They look plastic in the photos.
The back metal piece does it come in two different sections or is it just one piece?

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"Quantum Single Shelf Wall Mounts - 14in. Cantilevers, Model# DWB14"

Item# 178829
Quantum single shelf wall mounts for cantilever shelving are an effective way to create storage space when floor space is not available. Accessory Type Cantillever mount bracket. Easy to assemble and install Includes 2 wall mount brackets and 2 wire cantilevers Shelves sold separately
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Questions & Answers for "Quantum Single Shelf Wall Mounts - 14in. Cantilevers, Model# DWB14"


What are the Dimensions of this?

asked 4 years, 2 months ago
on "Quantum Single Shelf Wall Mounts - 14in. Cantilevers, Model# DWB14"
1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
The dimensions of this unit, which are ONLY the wall mount brackets themselves, are 14 inches(protruding from the wall), 2 inches(height of brackets themselves), and 3 inches(width of the mounting bracket). The shelves themselves can be purchased through Northern Tool, and vary from 24 to 72 inches wide. See links below for some examples.
answered 4 years, 2 months ago
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