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A previous answer indicates that this vise is imported.
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What kind / lenght of warrantee comes with this vice?
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What is maximum opening between jaws?
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Does this product have a warranty, and if so, what?
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Yost Heavy-Duty Industrial Combination Bench Vise - Swivel Base, 6in. Jaw Width, Model# 34

Item# 16885
The Yost Heavy-Duty Industrial Combination Bench Vise is constructed with sturdy 65,000 PSI ductile iron body parts for durability and longevity. Interlocking swivel base ensures that the vise will not rotate once locked down. Flat and pipe jaws are replaceable to extend vise life. Continuous rolled thread on main screw allows easy opening and closing of the vise. U.S.A. Jaw Depth in. 7 1/2, Jaw Width in. 6, Pipe Jaw Yes, Replaceable Jaw Yes, Double Look-downs Yes, Jaw Capacity in. 10, 360 Swivel Base Yes. 65,000 PSI tensile ductile iron body parts Interlocking swivel base with 360 motion 2 lockdowns Replaceable hardened steel pipe jaws Pipe jaws set back to allow for machinist's vise use Pipe jaws designed to grip pipe securely Design helps prevent pipe marring, crushing or bending Conforms to Fed. Spec. GGG-V-410B Type IV No pinch main screw handle Replaceable hardened steel flat serrated jaws Continuous rolled thread on main screw Limited lifetime warranty on castings only
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Questions & Answers for Yost Heavy-Duty Industrial Combination Bench Vise - Swivel Base, 6in. Jaw Width, Model# 34

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