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Customer Questions & Answers for
Protected Home Deluxe Freeze Alarm, Model# FA-D2

Item# 164271
Enjoy peace of mind by installing a Protected Home freeze alarm in your vacation home. Quick status feature allows user to hear the current temperature and power status and battery status with a simple 15-second phone call. Automatically calls up to 3 phone numbers and alerts you with a voice message if the temperature gets too cold or hot, if the power fails or if the back-up battery needs replacing. Also enables user to remotely turn up or down the heat or air conditioning, so vacation home is comfortable upon arrival. U.S.A. Compatible With Standard telephone line, Battery Included No, Dials Automatically if problem is detected, Includes 110V power adapter, 54 in. telephone cord and temperature sensor w/36 in. Cord, Plug Type Telephone Jack. Quick status feature communicates temperature, power and battery status with a quick phone call Enables user to remotely turn up or down the heat or air conditioning Requires additional thermostat per zone user wants to control Easy setup, automatic reset and quick programming
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Questions & Answers for Protected Home Deluxe Freeze Alarm, Model# FA-D2


Will alarm work with a pulse phone line?

asked 4 years, 5 months ago
on Protected Home Deluxe Freeze Alarm, Model# FA-D2
1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
Yes there is a switch on the back of the unit to change it to pulse.
answered 4 years, 5 months ago
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