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Customer Questions & Answers for
Victor FirePower Oxy-Acetylene Outfit - Model# FP250-510FC

Item# 1640133
Victor medium-duty oxy-acetylene outfit features built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves, two safety features designed to help protect the operator. Hose Length ft. 20, Regulator Included Yes, Tip Type Cutting tip, welding nozzle, Typical Application Welding/cutting, Welds Up To in. 5/64, Works With Oxy-acectylene, Product Type Torch kit, Single, Pair, or System System, Cuts Up To in. 1/2. Includes 2 regulators for oxygen and acetylene, torch handle, cutting attachment, cutting tip, welding nozzle, 3/16in. x 20ft. hose, striker and goggles Cuts up to 1/2in. 12.7mm Welds up to 5/64in. 1.98mm RF 250 medium duty regulators WH 270FC-FS Torch handle with built-in flashback arrestors and check valves - CA 250-FS Cutting Attachment - 0-UM-1 Welding Nozzle - Series 3 Cutting Tip - 12.5ft. x 3/16in. R-grade Hose
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