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MAG 1 AW Hydraulic Fluid - All Year (SAE 5W-20), 55-Gallon Drum

Item# 159833
MAG 1 AW hydraulic oil is specially formulated with only the finest quality, hydrotreated, high viscosity index, paraffinic base oils and the most advanced and rigorously-tested additive system to deliver excellent protection and performance. Protects equipment better in the following critical performance areas exceptional protection against wear, enhanced filterability, maintenance of viscosity, resistance to thermal breakdown, reduced foaming, prevention of acid formation and reliable performance. U.S.A. Only available for sale in the continental United States. Oil Type Hydraulic oil All Year , Capacity gal. 55, Standard SAE 5W-20. Exceptional protection against wear from contaminants and higher operating temperatures and pressures ensures longer equipment life Enhanced filterability minimizes maintenance due to filter blocking Maintains viscosity , even under higher operating temperatures, and has sufficient reserve of key additives, resulting in longer fluid life and reduced operating costs Extra resistance to thermal breakdown provides superior protection against oxidation and deposit formation Reduced foaming ensures smooth, efficient operation and proper lubrication of all parts in the system Prevents acid formation for superior protection against rust and corrosion Highly reliable performance over a wide range of temperatures.
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Questions & Answers for MAG 1 AW Hydraulic Fluid - All Year (SAE 5W-20), 55-Gallon Drum

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