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"Ingersoll Rand Titanium Impact Wrench - 3/8in., Model# 2115TIMAX"

Item# 1592062
"Ingersoll Rand's titanium impact wrench is designed to deliver great performance in a small package. Impacts Per Minute IPM 1500, Reversible Yes, Variable Speed Yes, Average Air Consumption CFM 4, Working Torque ft.-lb. 25-230, Tool Length in. 5 15/16, Drive in. 3/8, Max. Reverse Torque ft.-lbs. 300, Inlet Size in. 1/4, Forward Torque ft.-lbs. 230, Max. Torque ft.-lbs. 300, Tool Weight lbs. 2.48, Speed - No Load RPM 15,000, Noise Level dB 96.6, CFM at Load 17, Min. Hose Size in. 3/8. Patented 4-position power regulator dial Patented 1-hand forward/reverse control Feather-touch trigger"
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Questions & Answers for "Ingersoll Rand Titanium Impact Wrench - 3/8in., Model# 2115TIMAX"


how tool put air tool oil in it

how much arir tool oil do u put in this tool and how do u put it in
asked 3 years, 7 months ago
on "Ingersoll Rand Titanium Impact Wrench - 3/8in., Model# 2115TIMAX"
2 answers
answer 1
Staff Answer
If oiling the tool manually you would put the oil in at the inlet where the hose goes. You just put a couple drops in each time you go to use the tool. If you have an inline lubricator then you would put 1 drop of oil per minute every 20 CFM of use.
answered 3 years, 7 months ago
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answer 2
Oil is inserted through the air line quick connect fitting on the bottom of the tool the part where you hook your hose up to. Put oil in through the fitting until it starts coming out of the fitting or reaches the top. hook the tool up to your air line and run tool with the trigger pulled all the way in both forward and reverse till you see oil coming out the exhaust port. If the oil is dirty like a blackish color disconnect the tool from the air hose and fill with oil again repeat the step above run the tool till you see clear oil then your done most shops have inline airtool oilers so the techs don't have to worry about going through this procedure all the time hope this helps answer your question
answered 3 years, 6 months ago
 - Pittsburgh, PA
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