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Can the saw be removed from the roller stand, and mounted to a workbench?
what blade does it take? does northern sell the blades?
Does this saw only Cut 45 and 90 degree angles? I need a saw that can be set to cut 90 and everything below 90

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"JET Swivel Band Saw with Hydraulic Downfeed - 5in. x 6in., 1/2 HP, Model# HBS-56S"

Item# 145730
"The JET Swivel Band Saw is the ideal saw for machine, maintenance and fabricating shops where space is limited. The HBS-56S is powered by a 1/2 HP motor rated at 1720 RPM and three blade speeds 80, 120 and 200 SFPM, making this Band Saw ideal for cutting metal, plastic and wood. HP 1/2, Cutting Depth at 90 in. 5, Cordless No, Cutting Angles 45-90, Variable Speed Yes, Cutting Capacity SFPM 0-200, Cutting Capacity - Flat Stock in. x in. 5 x 6, Cutting Depth at 45 in. 2 3/4, Blade Included Yes, Blade Size L x W x Thickness in. 64 1/2 x 1/2 x 025, Case Included Yes, Stand Included Yes, UL Listed Yes, Blade Type Carbon steel, Speed RPM 1,750. Equipped with a variable hydraulic feed system that delivers a smooth consistent feed for longer blade life 7 1/2in. blade wheel diameter Mounted on wheels for mobility around the shop"
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