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"Vestil Fork-Mounted Drum Gripper - 800-Lb. Capacity, Model# DGS-A"

Item# 143550
"The Drum Gripper allows you to pick up 30- and 55-gallon steel drums without leaving the fork truck. Simply slip the forks into the fork tubes and the lower knuckle gripping system around the drum. The system grips the drum, allowing it to be lifted into the air. Drum is released by lowering the forks. Hinged folding design for storage and adjustable-width arms. Welded steel construction. Powder-coat finish. For use with steel drums only. U.S.A. Application Fork-mounted drum handler, Capacity lbs. 800, Drum Size gal. 30, 55, Material Steel, Color Powder-coat. Adjustable Drum Gripper adds versatility 26in.W x 35in.D x 8in.H overall size 7 1/4in.W x 2 1/2in.H fork pocket size with 19 3/4in. fork pocket centers Model# DGS-A features adjustable-width arms for use with both 30-gallon and 55-gallon steel drums"
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Questions & Answers for "Vestil Fork-Mounted Drum Gripper - 800-Lb. Capacity, Model# DGS-A"

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