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Looking for Answers about "Go-Kart Drive Chain #40 - 1/2in. Chain Pitch, 5/16in. Between Inner Plates"?

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Customer Questions & Answers for
"Go-Kart Drive Chain #40 - 1/2in. Chain Pitch, 5/16in. Between Inner Plates"

Item# 136520
"Go-Kart Drive Chains are sold in 10-ft. lengths and include one connecting link. Chain size is determined by measuring the pitch, which is the distance between the roller centers. 5/8in. would be #50 chain. 5/16in. would be #40 chain. 3/8in. would be #35 chain. This method of measuring meets ANSI standards. Application Drive chain, Tensile Strength lbs. 3,700, Weight lbs. per ft. 0.42, Pin Diameter in. 0.156, Roller Diameter in. 0.312, Overall Width in. 0.703, Chain Size #40, Distance Between Inner Plates in. 5/16, Chain Pitch in. 1/2. Ensures that you are using only grade A quality roller chain Pre-stretched at the factory to help eliminate 'gapping' or 'slop' associated with new roller chains that have not yet been stretched, making it easier to correctly size the first time Coated with a light oil finish for smooth operation and corrosion-resistance for longer life"
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Questions & Answers for "Go-Kart Drive Chain #40 - 1/2in. Chain Pitch, 5/16in. Between Inner Plates"


how long or how many links is it?

asked 1 year ago
on "Go-Kart Drive Chain #40 - 1/2in. Chain Pitch, 5/16in. Between Inner Plates"
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1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
This chain is sold in 10 foot lengths and includes one connecting link.
answered 1 year ago
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