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Looking for Answers about Wayne 4in. Submersible Deep Well Pump - 1 HP, 1 1/4in., Model# T100S10-2?

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Wayne 4in. Submersible Deep Well Pump - 1 HP, 1 1/4in., Model# T100S10-2

Item# 109267
This Franklin 4in. deep well submersible delivers 10 GPM of water to meet most residential needs. Submersible design eliminates the need for priming and creates quiet operation. Control Box Included No, Max. Suction Lift ft. 275, Diffusers Thermoplastic for corrosion-resistance, Volts 230, HP 1, Pump Housing Stainless steel, Impellers Thermoplastic for corrosion-resistance, Dimensions L x W x H in. 4 x 4 x 30, Max. PSI 202, Thermal Overload Protection Yes, Max. Total Head ft. 275, Intake screens Thermoplastic for corrosion-resistance, Flow GPH 455 at 140ft.D, 50PSI, Discharge Port in. 1 1/4. Thermally protected 230V heavy-duty Franklin motor Motor is hermetically sealed and contains built-in lighting protection Submersible design eliminates the need for priming High efficiency motor is thermally protected to prevent overheating 3-wire type pump requires a control box for starting the pump Stainless steel motor enclosure pump shell, will not corrode or rust Pumps vertically to 275ft. Impellers, diffusers, intake screen and check valve are thermoplastic for corrosion resistance Stainless steel fasteners for superior corrosion resistance 50 GPH at 275ft.D 50 PSI 143 GPH at 250ft.D 50 PSI 302 GPH at 200ft.D 50 PSI 370 GPH at 175ft.D 50 PSI 455 GPH at 140ft.D 50 PSI 499 GPH at 120ft.D 50 PSI 541 GPH at 100ft.D 50 PSI 580 GPH at 80ft.D 50 PSI 618 GPH at 60ft.D 50 PSI 655 GPH at 40ft.D 50 PSI 390 GPH at 20ft.D 50 PSI Includes 4th wire for grounding Built-in check valve
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Questions & Answers for Wayne 4in. Submersible Deep Well Pump - 1 HP, 1 1/4in., Model# T100S10-2

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