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"GPI Electronic Water Meter - 2in., Model# TM200-N"

Item# 10910051
"This GPI 2in. Electronic Water Meter is an accurate and economical alternative to traditional water meters. Accurate to +/-3 of reading for flow rates from 20 to 200 GPM. Ideal for almost any water application with no air in the system, including water processing, irrigation and sub-metering. Meter should be sized to desired flow rate, not desired pipe size. CE approval. Operating PSI 225 at 73F, Outlet Port in. 2, Inlet Port in. 2, Dimensions L x W x H in. 9 x 5 x 5, Flow GPM 20-200, LCD Display Yes. Delivers accurate batch total, cumulative total and rate of flow Meets Schedule 80 specifications Easy to install design Low-profile display is powered by 2 lithium batteries Displays readings in both gallons and liters Factory calibrated specifically for use with water Durable construction includes PVC housing, ceramic bearings, Tungsten carbide shaft, PVDF rotor and 316 stainless steel rings For use with agricultural sprayers, commercial mixing tanks, fertilizer tanks and any high volume water mixing application Lightweight and easy to install Totals do not reset when batteries are replaced or power is lost Ideal for use with OEM water treatment equipment/skids, sub-metering of facility water usage, small waste water treatment equipment, and water based cooling systems Field calibration mode is available for increased accuracy Lithium batteries are field replaceable and have a five year life"
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