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What type of pipe would you recommend to use with this? Will galvanized pipe with a tapered thread work with the drive couplings?
Recent Question:
what are the threads per inch of the coupling? Ours is 8 threads per inch
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"Apache Pump Hoses with Combo Kit - 2in., Model# 98128615"

Item# 108999
"Tough PVC hoses have male and female standard pipe thread couplings and a poly strainer. For general water transfer and cleanup in agriculture, construction, industrial, municipal/government, rental, and mobile applications. U.S.A. Includes Suction strainer 2in. I.D. x 20ft. PVC suction hose coupled male x female aluminum short shank 2in. I.D. x 25ft. PVC discharge hose coupled male x female aluminum short shank Two 2in. poly male nipples PVC suction smooth bore hose with rigid PVC helix is flexible and abrasion resistant PVC discharge hose tube/cover is reinforced with 3-ply polyester yarns simultaneously for maximum bonding"
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Questions & Answers for "Apache Pump Hoses with Combo Kit - 2in., Model# 98128615"


Can this be be provided with a 100 foot hose?

asked 1 year, 9 months ago
on "Apache Pump Hoses with Combo Kit - 2in., Model# 98128615"
1 answer
answer 1
Staff Answer
This hose combo kit is only available with a 25' discharge hose. Additional lengths of discharge hose can be connected together to reach 100'. Click the links below to view discharge hoses in different lengths.
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