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Will this work with an 55 gallon drum pumping bio-diesel?
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Can this pump DEF fluid from 55 gal drum & will a 5/8 garden hose attach to nozzle?
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Can your Reverse the Polarity and Suck Instead of Pump?!
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Fuel Transfer + Lubrication Q & A

8 Questions : 24 Answers
Recent Question:
18 Questions : 21 Answers
Recent Question:
I will need to cut off pick up tube, is there a screen or anything on end of tube preventing this? If so, can it be removed and added back?
19 Questions : 20 Answers
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What size are the fittings for the inlet and outlet portion of the pump
11 Questions : 20 Answers
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Can the tube go down a dipstick tube to drain car motor oil.
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