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Parts Washers Q & A

11 Questions : 20 Answers
Recent Question:
Is the tank steel? Is shelf steel?
9 Questions : 11 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this unit come with a brush?
5 Questions : 9 Answers
Recent Question:
Can you use this to soak a carberator and degrease ?
7 Questions : 8 Answers
Recent Question:
I don't see a pic of the inside - does it have a large basket?
4 Questions : 7 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this unit self priming?
4 Questions : 6 Answers
Recent Question:
What solvent is recommended for this unit? What is the cost of the solvent?
3 Questions : 4 Answers
Recent Question:
Can this be used with a solvent or flammable liquid?
3 Questions : 3 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this pump compatible with petroleum based mineral spirits?
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